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2013 Submissions

Wolftacular NGADM Round 3 Miscellaneous Song
Skyline V2 Classic Rock Song
Denouement Cinematic Song
Skyline Indie Song
You're Already There Classical Song
Space Oddity (Cover) General Rock Song
Hungry Like The Wolf Classic Rock Song
Blood (Cover) Goth Song
Smokey Mountain Rain Cove Classic Rock Song
Scream Blue Vein Cover Classical Song
Closer To The Edge Miscellaneous Song
_.-:| Time Alone |:-._ Miscellaneous Song
_-:Wolftacular - The Beach:-_ General Rock Song
_-:She Will Be Loved:-_ Miscellaneous Song
Vampire Knight Opening Dub Miscellaneous Song
I Will Not Fall General Rock Song
She Is The Sunlight (Cover) General Rock Song
Hallelujah (Wolftacular) General Rock Song
Izzy (Theme) Miscellaneous Song
The End Intro Miscellaneous Song
The Redshirts Theme Punk Song
A Grave Getaway Classic Rock Song
-| Tears of a Mourning Soul |- Ambient Song
_.-| 199Z - Wolftacular | General Rock Song
_.-| White Whispers |-._ Classical Song
_.-{Suspensful Dreams}-._ Classical Song
_.-| Arrival |-._ Miscellaneous Song
_.-| Winged Skirmish |-._ Miscellaneous Song
_.-| Martyr |-._ [Revised Classical Song
Pray Fallen Prey - Wolftacular General Rock Song
Rain Nightforest WIP Indie Song
Wolftacular - Mellow Sorrows Classical Song
_.-| Martyr |-._ Miscellaneous Song
Wolftacular - Uprising Classical Song