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I'm sad so many people are missing the joke! You had me cracking up! Great work!!

Maybe a little long; brilliant regardless!

Great work, terrible humor. Or at least, terrible attempt at it.

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The knife part is a little annoying, but once you get past it, the rest of the game is incredibly enjoyable!

Hint: Read the instructions! (Author Comments)


Hmm, I'd really give it a 7 if 7's didn't look bad...

TL;DR: Great concepts, cool game, but needs lots and lots of polishing!

Here's the deal. I really like the concept. Constant motion is something that could really add some challenges! I admit I fell to every trick, but they were all one-time things. I think the level design could get much much better. Make harder puzzles! Stuff that really makes you think!

The hardest stuff was the stuff that trapped you. But you don't have to trap people to make things hard! Getting trapped is annoying! Waiting for your guy to die if you're trapped is annoying! You get what I'm saying? Don't rely on traps to make maps harder. Make maps less linear, force players to explore them before actually solving it.

I like the whole "creator" deal going on. BUT I think the jokes could get much better. They sounded a bit lame, sometimes. Not all of them... but a great deal. So pump up that commentary. I like his attitude and stuff, but if the stuff he says is dumb, then it just gets annoying.

Music was pretty good! Can't think of any complaints.

And last, but not least: bugs.
I found a couple. The biggest one is when you get squished by something. When you get squished or you move into a place where two things are very close to each other, the game will randomly teleport you to a fitable area. Sometimes this area is extremely far away, though. I skipped an entire level like this (and thus decided the bug had to be reported).
Another smaller one happened in the menu, after I beat the game. I started flying around and Joe got stuck on a corner. He's still there XD I can't move at all.

TL;DR: Great concepts, cool game, but needs lots and lots of polishing!

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This is quite amazing. I love how you keep things interesting all throughout. One of my favs from this year's NGADM!

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you so much, so glad you liked it :]

In my very honest opinion, your writing style is very mechanical and unfitting to the scene you described and are trying to convey. I instead pictured maybe a village in a videogame, not something as profound as what you described in the author's comments. I should mention that I'm assuming it's profound, since you mentioned you considered it a delicate dream. Following the story of your dream, I suppose the intro of the song would be fitting; wandering around the forest. Mysteries here and there. The rest of the song, though, I would've personally done very differently. Mostly, I would've written something more melancholic for the end, and maybe finish it off on a mysterious (but not too wild) note. This is assuming you meant to visit that girl again.

Having gotten that out of the way, I do think it's rather unfair to judge your song based on what MY vision was, so here's actual thoughts on what you DO have. I do insist that the scene you mentioned inspired you isn't the scene I feel this song conveys, but it's not misguided, either. You've a very pleasant ambiental sound going through the whole thing. It's all very relaxing, albeit a little dull in the long run. This does bug me because I've gathered from your other songs that you have many more writing and production tricks and skills that I think you could've used here to make at least some sections a little less plain. The only way I can come up with to describe exactly what I'm thinking is to say that I feel you highlighted the wrong things.

Don't get me wrong, though, I tend to only mention bad things in my comments, but that doesn't mean I think your song is bad. Like I mentioned before, I think it's rather chill and enjoyable. Great work!!

steampianist responds:

this is SIMPLY me showing off i can do delicate songs as well :)

maybe delicate is the wrong word.. from what i remember in the dream the girl was delicate but she is not fragile/weak there was something about her and when she ask when will i comeback she did not sound needy either.... and she was telling me other stuff too but i cant remember :P

anyways to put it short the girl was not a fragile existence. the girl along with the alien scenery full of flowers.. isnt fragile and just because its delicate doesnt mean its weak :) so yeah and i felt happy after this dream so i wouldnt write anything melancholic and i dont expect anyone to "fully" understand either since this is my own experience

appreciate the review

Son of a bitch, that intro was epic (and intimidating, contest-wise) as f***! It blew me away as much as InvisibleObserver's bass intro in "Lying to a Stranger" did. It's the kind of thing you don't hear ever, and when people try it, they fail, but you succeeded. It's the perfect hook and impression you needed to deliver to capture the listener for the remainder of the song. So great work there! Like, very great.

On to the rest of the song. I really wish I could say that the entire thing is as epic as the intro. It's not bad in the least. It's very good, but unfortunately, I can't help but feel it doesn't go in par with the initial idea, as good as the transition might've been. For one, I feel like the kind of metal you chose to employ was a little superficial in comparison with the deep elements that your flamenco boasts. Maybe it's just missing something. I'm not sure. In other words, the flamenco is a lot more interesting than the metal here.

I think I'll stop there and remind you that you worked with a pair of genres that are rarely, if ever, mixed together, and you did so in a way that very few would be able to. One last tiny comment would be that maybe the ending could be reworked to give better closure to such an amazing piece. But all in all, brilliant!

InYourDreams responds:

Hey Wolftacular! Awesome review! I actually agree with you. I should had kept it simple and stayed with flamenco... I've never heard something like this in here, so I think it would have been better recieved than the actual song. I think I'll give it another try to the flamenco stuff later... maybe for my EP...
Thanks for reviewing!

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That's pretty scary

Still, amazing job on the art!

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